Battery Powered Insertion Magnetic flow meters EX90

The EX90-series battery powered, insertion electromagnetic flow meter is designed for use with conductive fluids in 4”–12” pipe. The EX90’s stainless steel body allows the meter to operate in a wide range of temperatures, pressure, and corrosive or dirty environments. The EX90 is highly suitable for difficult applications. With no moving parts, these meters can… Read More


Water flow meter jenis ultrasonic flow meter tanpa memotong pipa

Flow meter clamp on ultrasonic adalah jenis flowmeter yang cara instalasinya tanpa harus memotong atau melubangi pipa. Namun sensor ultrasonic cukup ditempel dipermukaan luar pipa dan diclamp.

Flowmeter ultrasonic dan cara Instalasinya

Flow meter ultrasonic yang banyak dikenal adalah jenis portable yang cara instalasinya dengan sistem clamp on, mudah pengoprasianya, mudah dibawah kemana mana karena ringan dan compact.

Promag L 400 EH Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The versatile, weight-optimized Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter L 400 is the preferred choice for all standard applications in the water and wastewater industry. Due to its unique lap-joint flange concept, the flow meter guarantees flexible, easy and economical installation. Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter L 400 saves time and costs thanks to the broad functionality of… Read More

Flow meter demin water

Flow meter demin water adalah flowmeter yang digunakan untuk mengukur aliran air yang tidak punya konduktifitas dan bisa menggunakan flowmeter clamp on ultrasonic atau paddle wheel flow meter