flow meter

Xonic 100L Jain Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow Meter

ultrasonic flow meter clamp on Xonic 100L can measure very slow flow, so very suitable for block flow (leak) monitoring system and can install to double channel with difference size

Flow measurement

WUF 100 CF Flowmasonic Clamp On Flow Meter

Flowmasonic WUF 100CF is  designed to measure flow velocity of liquid in pipes such as clean water, dirty water demin water, chemical water, seawater, wastewater and others

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flow meter

Alia Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Portable flow meter Clamp On Ultrasonic Flow meter Hand Held Ultrasonic FLow Meters Ultrasonic Flowmeter AUF610series is a portable transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter with clamp-on transducers for non AUF610series AUF610series is a Alia portable transit-time ultrasonic […]

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Alia Flow Meter

Alia Product ARC800 Series ARC800 Series Paperless Recorder uses the most advanced technology and can apply to various industry applications. ARC800 is the product which with m … AMC4000 Series AMC4000 series is a battery […]

flow meter

Stainless Steel flow Meter

Flow meter stainless stell biasanya diaplikasikan di jenis fluida yang mempunyai sifat korosif atau untuk food grade seperti minuman, susu, chemical, beer, air gula, syrup, air minum danlainya

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Model dan Type Flow Meter

Berdasarkan  cara kerja flow meter dapat dibagi dalam beberapa jenis yaitu magnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, vortex flow meter, mass flow meter, flometer turine, water meter, gas meter