Rheonik RHE 21- explosion proof field mount

The RHE21 is an advanced function, explosion proof, field mount transmitter.  With a corrosion resistant stainless steel enclosure and through-glass operation capability, the RHE21 is rated to IP67 and suitable for the most extreme of installation environments.  Multifunction capability provides real time mass and volumetric flow plus density and temperature indication with the option of connecting external sensors such as pressure transducers or precision densitometers for even greater measurement accuracy.  Features such as API Standard Volume correction and Net Oil calculation are available. The RHE21 supports connection to any of…

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Rheonik RHE14 Low-cost Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter

The RHE14 is a low cost mass flow transmitter ideal for OEM and embedded system use. The RHE14 is DIN rail mount and configured through a native RS232 data port. The RHE14 can be used with all RHM Coriolis Sensors. MEASUREMENTS Mass Flow Temperature  OUTPUTS 1 Analog 1 Pulse / Frequency  2 Digital INPUTS 1 Remote Zero INTERFACES RS 232 HART Applications Filling and dispensing Liquid and gas applications Feed stocks and transfers General Specifications Housing: DIN rail mounting enclosure (polycarbonate (PC) and polyphenylene oxide (PPO)) Enclosure Rating: IP 20…

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Rheonik RHE12- Enhanced Rail Mount

 The RHE12 explosion proof mass flow transmitter features standard HART communications and magnetic behind-glass controls.  The RHE12 is supplied with a standard post mounting kit and a choice of integrated sensor cables. MEASUREMENTS Mass Flow Temperature OUTPUTS 1 Analog 1 Frequency / Pulse HART DISPLAY LCD APPROVALS ATEX CSA Features Field mounting Compact, pressure safe housing ATEX and CSA approvals for installation in hazardous areas 24 VDC power supply Configurable analog output for mass flow or temperature HART communications interface transmits all PV’s and totalizer Configurable pulse output Metric and…

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