VSE_RS_Volumensensor_Helical Flow Meter
oil flow meter

VSE Helical Screw oil Flow Meter Seri RS

RS flow meter mengukur laju aliran berdasarkan pada prinsip pompa ulir.Rotor yang baru dikembangkan memastikan resistansi rendah, pengukuran presisi tinggi & dengan lembut mengangkut media pengukuran.

P001 Piston Flow Meter
Flow measurement

Piston Flow Meter P001 MAX

P001 Series Piston Flow Meter termasuk dalam kategori positive displacement flow meter dengan Piston yang dikeluarkan oleh Max Machinery, Inc. (“MMI”) dari USA.

PD Flow Meter
oil flow meter

Jenis Positive Displacement Flow Meter untuk oil

Ada banyak tipe dari positive displacement flow meter terdiri dari: reciprocating piston, oscillating atau rotary piston,spur gear,oval gear, helical gear,rotary vane, dan nutating disc (wobble plate)

brand flow meter

Kracht VC- Gear Flow Meter

Kracht Flow Meter Positive Displacement Flow Meters Gear Flow Meter The measuring gears are driven by the liquid flow on the principle of a gear motor. The gears run without contact in the measuring chamber. The bearing elements are a low-friction ball or plain bearings. The movement of the gears is sampled without contact by means of two sensors located […]

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Type Flow Meter

Positive Displacement Flow Meter

PD Flow Meters Positive Displacement Flow Meter FLSTRONIC FOG Positive Displacement Flow Meters are kind of oval gear flow meters whihch are highly competitive meters in which industries are suitable for viscous fluid, as Gasoline, Kerosene, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Chemical fluid. (Highest viscosity: 1000 CP)   PRODUCT FEATURES High Temperature Compact & light weight Easy to read LCD digital […]