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Level Transmitter HD1200

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Level Transmitter HD1200 Overview Advanced level sensing algorithm suppresses the noise level and artifacts and enabled stable measurement. One main unit handles two sensors [...]

Electrode Level Sensor

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Level Level Sensor Electrode Level sensor Feature It is used in the conductive liquid level measurement. It is widely used in the sewage or wastewater tanks When using in a [...]

Float Level Controllers

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Level Control Level Transmitter Level Indicator Power unit / Control unit Applications It is possible to be used in the liquid level of degree of fixation. The installation [...]

Pressure Level Transmitter

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Level Transmitter Pressure Level Introduction As the level of the liquid rises, the pressure in bottom part increases. Accordng to the difference of pressure, it is [...]


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  Float Level Switch Quick Type Level Sensor Daehan Sensor     PRINCIPLE It makes output of on/off signal as the quick float moves up and down in which micro [...]

Float Level Sensor

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DF Series Float Level Sensor Applications The reed switch type float level sensor is widely used for the seawater, oil, and general liquid. It is used in the food storage [...]


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FLOAT TYPE LEVEL TRANSMITTER Level Sensor Float Level Transmitter FEATURE For indicating liquid level and alarming to control. ■ Easy to install and is generally used. ■ [...]

Type Level Sensor

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Level sensor yang diguankan untuk mengukur level dari suatu media baik level untuk liquid maupun level untuk lumpur dan powder [...]