Radar Level Sensor

Continuous Radar level sensor provides non-contact continuous level measurement of difficult liquids and solids that cannot be measured with ultrasonic sensor

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  Float Level Switch Quick Type Level Sensor Daehan Sensor     PRINCIPLE It makes output of on/off signal as the quick float moves up and down in which micro switch or reed switch installed. The on/off signal from the sensor controls supply/drain motor and/or high/low alarm. It is able to make up to 3 motors working together. Applications It is widely used for water tanks and tanks with high corrosiveness It is widely used for tanks for drainage. It is widely used for wastewater tanks It is used in diverse…

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FLOAT TYPE LEVEL TRANSMITTER Level Sensor Float Level Transmitter FEATURE For indicating liquid level and alarming to control. ■ Easy to install and is generally used. ■ Able to control motor continuously. ■ Able to control power seperately. ■ Able to use in chemical, industrial waste water, or food tank. ■ Coated sensor with PVC or PTFE is available for chemical tanks. ■ High temperature type or high viscosity type is available by special order. Applications It is widely used for ordering, controlling and alarming the liquid level. The installation…

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