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Hitachi S²Sonic – Ultrasonic Gas meter

Adopt system propagation time differences. The time difference of ultrasonic waves varies according to the flow rate when the sensor pair alternates and repeatedly emits and senses the signal.

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flow meter

Gas Meter Elster

Gas meter elster yang dimaksud adalah jenis gas meter unyutk skala kecil dengan jenis diafragma dimana gas mengalir dalam tabung gas yang berisi diafargma dengan counter

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Flow measurement

Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeter

Thermal mass flowmeters are most commonly used to measure the mass flow of clean gases, such as air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, ammonia, argon, and other industrial gases. Mixtures, such as flue stack flow and biogas […]

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flow meter

Sage 200 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

The Sage 200 thermal flow meter is a cost-effective alternative to the Sage Prime which offers the same level of performance

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flow meter

Gas Vortex Flow Meter

Alia Vortex Flow Meter Vortex Flow Meter Gas Flow Meter Flow Meter GasALIAVTX AVF7000 is a Vortex Flow meter based on Von Karman theory of vortices generated by a bluff body in the pipe. The number of […]

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Gas Flow Meter

Gas Flow Meters Gas Turbine Flow Meters Turbine flow meters Digital Turbine Flometers FLSTRONIC FTG Gas turbine Flow Meters has high precision and reliabelity with both high and low pressure, varios signal output and low […]

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Aplikasi flow meter

Aplikasi Flow Meter

Aplikasi flow meter yang banyak ditemui adalah flow meter untuk air kotor, air bersih, air sungai, ir laut, air limbah, air lumpur, gas, cairan kimia, minuman, susu, air condensat, air gula, dll


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Wiratama supply Flow measurement, level Sensor, oil skimmer, electrical connectors, water motors, gas analyzer, Parts hydraulic, PLC, Servo, and electric equipment and other automation.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Thermall mass flow meter merupakan flow meter yang sistem kerjanya menggunakan thermal guna menghitung massa dari fluida yang mengalir melewati sensor thermal.