flow transmitter

Flow Computers Fluidwell

27/10/2017 // 1 Comment

Flow Computers from fluidweel offers a unique range of comprehensive solutions to calculate the consumption and net flow at standard conditions or the ratio between two [...]

Fluidwell Flow rate Totalizer

27/10/2017 // 1 Comment

fluidweel Flow rate Indicators and Totalizers" offers a powerful flow rate monitor with flow curve linearization, flow rate monitoring, signal transmission, alarm and pulse [...]

Mass Flow Meter coriolis RHM20

08/04/2017 // 0 Comments

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Rheonik RHM20 Rheonik Mass Flow Meter Features : Standard pressure ratings up to 392 bar (5685 psi) Temperature ratings from -196 to 350°C (-320 to [...]