Incremental encoder IV2800 SIKO

Siko IV2800 Incremental Encorder is Optical miniature rotary encoder with max. 1024 pulses/revolution

TDP 0,2 TDPZ 0,2 Baumer Tachogenerators and Resolver

Tachogenerators TDP 0,2, TDPZ 0,2 Baumer

Heavy-duty Tachogenerator jenis Solid shaft menggunakan EURO flange B10 atau housing B3 dan bearing memiliki waktu respons yang rendah dengan tegangan sirkuit terbuka 10… 150 mV per rpm.


SICK – Incremental Encoders

Versatile, compact and flexible –Incremental encoders generate information about position, angle, and rotation counts. The resolution is defined in the number of lines or …

gas flow meter

RMG Flow Meter

RMG Messtechnik GmbH is your global partner in the gas business. RMG has more than 150 years of experience in the natural gas industry. We offer you expertise along the entire gas supply chain. Our […]

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Baumer Hubner Encoder

.For more than 70 years Baumer Hubner has been setting new benchmarks in the development of durable components for drive systems. Baumer Hubner products have proven themselves worldwide in tough operating conditions, such as in the […]