flow meter electromagnetic

Alia AMF301 Series – threaded electromagnetic flow meter

Alia AMF301 Series is a threaded type electromagnetic flowmeter ideal for conductive liquids. It comes in sizes from 4 to 25 mm.The AMF301 is widely used for tap-water, waste water, food & beverage…

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Yokogawa ADMAG Magnetic Flowmeters

YOKOGAWA’s magnetic flowmeter is supported by a long history of more than half a century. We added innovative specifications in each era, and have always lead the industry. The consistent policy of YOKOGAWA’s magnetic flowmeter is to have high performance and high quality.

flow meter electromagnetic

Battery Powered Insertion Magnetic flow meters EX90

The EX90-series battery powered, insertion electromagnetic flow meter is designed for use with conductive fluids in 4”–12” pipe. The EX90’s stainless steel body allows the meter to operate in a wide range of temperatures, pressure, […]

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Plastic Bodied Electromagnetic Flow meter

The Electromagnetic Flow meter WMP-Series is resistant to wear from sand and debris found in ground or surface water.

flow meter electromagnetic

Jenis dan model flow meter magnetic

Semua Jenis Flow meter magnetic hanya bisa digunakan untuk air dan cairan yang mengandung konduktivitas seperti air, lumpur, limbah cairan kimia, minuman, air gula, air laut dan lainnya

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Promag L 400 EH Electromagnetic Flow Meter

The versatile, weight-optimized Promag Electromagnetic Flow Meter L 400 is the preferred choice for all standard applications in the water and wastewater industry. Due to its unique lap-joint flange concept, the flow meter guarantees flexible, […]

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Flow meter limbah Pabrik CPO

flow meter limbah pabrik cpo sebaiknya menggunakan flow meter magnetic yang mempunyai karakteristik tahan terhadap abrasive, korosif dan sulurry