circular connector

Lemo S and E Series multi concentric contact connectors

A range of product dedicated to applications in which connectors need to functione ven in case of rotation.these precision engineered connectors are fitted with multiple concentric electrical contacts

circular connector

NHVC Connector Nanaboshi

Various high voltage connectors are available, including the world’s rare 6.6kV three-phase package type. We have a track record in plant equipment, emergency power supply equipment, outdoor transport equipment, large electric construction machines, various inspection […]

circular connector

Harting Industrial Connector

Insert Connector which has 2  insert form, insert male dan insert female, depending on its type of connection, there are Screw terminal and crimp terminal

circular connector

Electric Connector

Electric connectors mentioned in this writing are the most common electric connector used in industry. There are two kinds of shape, the most common being circular connector and rectangular connector.


Types and Model Nanaboshi Electrical Connector

Nanaboshi electrical connector has 2 main parts the receptacle connector and the plug connector. Nanaboshi connector models are NCS, NET, NRW, NJW, NWPT, etc.

circular connector

Circular Nanaboshi Connector

Circular Nanaboshi Connector diklasifikasikan dalam dua catagory yaitu type S dan type G.  Nanaboshi Connector hanya mempunyai konstruksi berbentuk bulat yang sering disebut dengan istilah circular

circular connector

Electrical Connector

Ada banyak jenis elctrical connector yang digunakan dibanyak jenis industri manufacture,industri otomatisasi, industri transportasi, industri kesehatan

circular connector

NT Series Nanaboshi Connector

NT Series  Nanaboshi Connector S Type G Type NT-504-PF12 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM12 NT-504-RF NT-504-PF16 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM16 NT-504-RF NT-504-PF20 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM20 NT-504-RF NT-504-PF24 NT-504-RM NT-504-PM24 NT-504-RF NT-5010-PF12 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM12 NT-5010-RF NT-5010-PF16 NT-5010-RM NT-5010-PM16 NT-5010-RF NT-5010-PF20 NT-5010-RM […]

circular connector

R Series Connector Nanaboshi

Model / series dari Connector Nanaboshi untuk info lebih lanjut silahkan di click / download : NET Nanaboshi connector NEW Nanaboshi Connector NJC Nanaboshi Connector NR Nanaboshi Connector NJW Connector Nanaboshi NRW Nanaboshi Connector NCS Connector Nanaboshi […]

circular connector

NJC Connector Nanaboshi

Circular electrical connector nanaboshi NJC series

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circular connector

NJW Connector Nanaboshi

Connector NJW Nanaboshi mepunyai carakter yang cukup baik dan ini sangat cocok sekali untuk yang mensyaratkan connector dengan sifat water proof dan tahan hingga 40 kPa water pressure.