TDP 0,2 TDPZ 0,2 Baumer Tachogenerators and Resolver

Tachogenerators TDP 0,2, TDPZ 0,2 Baumer

Heavy-duty Tachogenerator jenis Solid shaft menggunakan EURO flange B10 atau housing B3 dan bearing memiliki waktu respons yang rendah dengan tegangan sirkuit terbuka 10… 150 mV per rpm.

Baumer Retro Reflective PhotoElectric Sensor FPDK 14P

Baumer FPDK 14P- Retro Photoelectric Sensor

Light sensor and also commonly called Photoelectric Sensor. This sensor uses light sensitive elements to detect objects and consists of a transmitter / emitter (Light Source) and receiver (receiver).

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Baumer Hubner Encoder

.For more than 70 years Baumer Hubner has been setting new benchmarks in the development of durable components for drive systems. Baumer Hubner products have proven themselves worldwide in tough operating conditions, such as in the […]