Komax large-scale static mixers are designed to be installed in water treatment channels of any cross-section including open and closed ducts. Low-pressure drop designs for chlorinating can be supplied as complete assemblies or in component form for an on-site assembly where access is difficult.

For example, a typical unit of this type in a ten-foot by ten-foot duct was assembled by the owner in less than eight man-hours.

Mixing Efficiency – In Field Testing 98%

Please contact Komax for design specifications on the channel mixer. Our engineers are prepared to design a complete Motionless Mixer system for your application.

  • Chlorine Contacting Mixer – City of Denver Colorado WWTP
  • Flow 165 MGD – Stainless Steel Static Mixer 10′ X 10′ X 35′
  • Reduced Chlorine Consumption 50% with 100% Energy Savings
  • Mixing Efficiency – in field testing 0.02 COV.

For a very slow velocity channel