Sonic BL-550 Ultrasonic Boundary Level Meter

Sonic BL-550 Boundary Level Meter

Boundary level monitoring for the sewage tank, deposit tanks, liquid isolation tank, solid/liquid separator tank.


  • Faster response to a change in boundary
  • Continuous measurement without disturbance
  • Less mechanical parts, easy maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring with images

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  • Boundary level monitoring at the water treatment plant
    • Sludge monitoring, control and management
    • Carryover protection
  • Iron and steel, automobile, chemical, thermal power plant, pulp, and food
    • Settling tank and separation tank drain control
  • Water and sewage
    • First precipitator, concentrator, last precipitator


  • Converter
    Model: BL-550 Converter
    Measuring method: Ultrasonic pulse-echo technique
    Measuring range: 0 (+dead band)∼10m, dead band = 30cm
    Accuracy: ± 1cm (in-house evaluation)
    System control: Controlled by CPU
    Detection period: Once or twice per second
    Display: LCD Display (16 x 2)
    Output: Boundary level, 4-20mA analog output
    Boundary alarming, (upper/lower limit relay type output)
    Contact output once the sensor signal are missed
    Data for images monitoring
    Input: 4-20mA analog input, as position correction information
    Operating condition: Temperature -10 ∼ +40ºC (no freezing)
    Humidity 20 ∼ 80% (no condensation)
    Power supply : AC100V, 115V, 220V,50/60Hz
    Power dissipation: 10VA
    Dimensions: 304W x 320H x 135D (except convex part)
    Housing material: Stainless (SUS304)
    Protection grade: IP44
    Weight: 8.2 Kg
  • Sensor
    Model: T-129 type transmitter/receiver
    Structure: Resin mold, water-proof (include bracket and cleaning nozzle)
    Frequency: 200kHz
    Weight: 7 kg
    Ambient temperature: -5 ∼ +60ºC
    Cable length: 14m (2 core shield flexible cable)

Catalog : BL-550Boundary Level sensor