Fine Tek Level Sensor

Mini Float Level Switch

1.Mini Float Level Switch-FC/FD Series

the magnetic field of permanent magnet inside the float is moved into
to the proximity of the reed switch inside the stationary stem, the reed
switch “snaps” the contact together and closes the electrical circuit.
When the magnetic field is moved away from the reed switch, the reed
switch does not touch. The circuit is open.



  • Compact simple design and principle, high reliability, low price.
  • Over 30 kinds of materials & specifications are optional.
  • PP, PVDF, NYLON, POLYSULFONE materials are suitable for corrosive environment.
  • SUS304 / 316; Max. operating temperature 200°C; Max. operating pressure 60kg/cm².
  • Side-Mounting, Top-Mounting, Bottom-Mounting.
  • Mounting screw type have M8 ~ M16, 1/8″~1/2″PF / PT / BSP and etc.
  • The materials of lead wire and cable are PVC, XLPE and PTFE. ses the electrical circ
  • Mini Float Level Switch has obtained UL approved.
  • OEM / ODM and special specification are acceptable.
  • Since
    technologies of the product have more and more advance, the products
    need comply with a requirement for more safe, convenient and low cost.
    The float switches are extremely compact, simple and are easy to install
    on any small space.
  • These
    switches are not effected by electrical interference. They can
    withstand to chemicals, high temperatures and pressures if the correct
    material of float switch is selected by the customers.

    2.Magnetic Float Level Switch-FC/FD Series

    Magnetic  Float Level Switch

    single unit or multiple reed switch units arehoused tightly in
    stainless steel or engineeringplastic stem, and the permanent magnet
    issealed into the middle of the specified float ball(s). You can mount
    the float ball to penetrating through the stem, then the liquid buoyancy
    will deliver the float ball up and down at the specified position by
    graduating rings.
    When the float internal magnet approaches the reed
    switch, it will actuate the reed switch contact point to create an open
    or close circuit. We can apply such on-off output signals to reach
    liquid level controlling and monitoring purpose.
    The figures below show the float orientations on N.O. (Normal Open) and N.C. (Normal Close).



    • Multiple points measuring, multiple level points are available for custom-built.

    • It is used the magnet to actuate the reed switch without any extra electric power source.
      Each reed switch is durable for operation life reaching 2 million times.
    • All output signal wiring are simplified in same junction box (housing) to economize the external wiring construction.
    • FC(D)
      type magnetic float level switches are more economical in budget than
      other level switches by comparison in multiple points.
    • The housing protection rating up to IP65.
    • Rugged
      construction and multiple options for materials from engineering
      plastics as PVDF, PP, PVC, and stainless steels as SUS304, SUS316, float
      switches can be applied to versatile applications in chemical corrosion
      of acidity and alkalinity liquid, solvents or oil fuels.
    • The
      reed switch and lead wire are isolated absolutely with liquids. All
      stainless steel switches are applicable to high pressure andhigh
      temperature performances.

      3. Side Mounting Float Switch-FF Series


      Side Mounting Float SwitchSimple
      theory as liquid buoyancy is utilized for the main principle of this
      “FF” series. A change of liquid level correspondingly travels the float
      to extreme levels up and down. The reed switch is thus “NC” and “NO”
      exchanged as well as the permanent magnet on pivot will have mutual
      repellence to the other one inside on the housing for like poles, which
      the Microswitch is button-pushed by magnet to states “NO” and “NC”
      exchanging likewise.



      • Both MicroSwitch type and Reed Switch are available.
        The MicroSwitch type is usable even at ambient temp. of 100LC max.
      • Mounting flanges are custom-specifiable. (JIS, DIN, ANSI).
      • A rich variety of floats can be suited different specific gravity (S.G.) of liquid.(Custom-made)

      • Liquid-wetted party material can be selected for SUS304 or SUS316 as well as enclosure explosion proof model.
       4.Cable Float Level Switch-FA/FB Series

      Cable Float Level Switch

      FAP, FAR Type float switch make use of micro switch as contact
      component. The switch will have ON or OFF contact signal output when the
      angle is larger than 28 Degree
      Type float switch make use of mercury switch as contact component. When
      liquid lift up to contact float, the float will have variable angles.
      The switch will have ON or OFF contact signal output when the angle is larger than 10 Degree



      • Rugged float IP68 enclosure rating
      • Neoprenespecified cable, silicon cable selectable
      • Construct simple, maintance free, installation easy

       5.Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch-SP Series

      Thermal Dispersion Flow SwitchThe
      Thermal Flow Switch Monitor is based on the principle of thermal
      dispersion. A typical configuration uses two Temperature Detectors set
      within the tip of the sensor. One Temperature Detector is heated a few
      degrees above the other one. As the process medium flows over the tip of
      the sensor it disperses some of the heat from the heated Temperature
      Detector. The delta temperature is a function of flow velocity and
      converted into electronic signal. The open collector changes state once
      the set point has been reached.



      • Detection of flow velocities in pipes
      • LED functions Display
      • Open collector alarm output
      • Relay out/put
      • Measuring Range:(Speed)
           water: 1~150 cm/s
           oil: 3~300 cm/s
      • Material SUS304, 316, PVDF, PP, available

      6. PaddleType Level Switch-SF Series 

      Paddle Flow SwitchFlow
      Switch utilizes the force of liquid flow to propel its paddle in order
      to detect the incoming flow or moving of the existing liquid in pipe. In
      condition of static liquid or no liquid, the spring is in expanding and
      press the magnet downward vertically. Reed switch contact is N.O.
      flow occurs and the paddle is thrusted and raised at an upward angle of
      20°~30° (or more), the eccentric of paddle will push the magnet upward
      to actuate the reed switch which is thus in a close circuit. The length
      of paddle can be adjusted with the diameter of a pipe.



      • Wetted Part: SUS304, TEFLON.
      • Operating Temp: -30°C~150°C.
      • Contact Rating: 30W / 200 Vdc.
      • Mounting Screw : 1″ PT.
      • Enclosure Protection: SF1800: IP-65.
        SF1710: EExd II C T6.
      • Suitable Pipe: 1″~3″.
      • Operating Pressure: 355 PSI.
      • Detection: Reversible.

      7. Optical Level Switch-SD Series 


      Optical Level SwitchRefraction
      index of plastic and air varies in big range.  Infrared light can be
      easily reflected totally between plastic and air.  In contrast, infrared
      light would totally penetrate through plastic while plastic and liquid
      are taken place.  Optical switch operates
      by sensing the difference
      of refraction index between various mediums, which causes different
      degree of refraction and penetration.   
      When dry, the transmitted
      light is reflected by the prism back to the receiver.  When the sensor
      is wetted in liquid, only part of the transmitted light would be
      reflected back to the receiver while most is lost into the liquid.  The
      received light then changes the signal and controls the switching
      Optical switch is equipped with infrared source and
      receiver.  They are to detect and verify the status of infrared light
      reflection and penetration between the mediums in order to trigger the
      alarm output.



      • M12 or 3/8″G (PF) of connection

      • NPN, PNP Open collector output to energize relay or PLC
      • Over-current and reverse polarity protected
      • LED status indication
      • IP68, PC, Polysulfone or SUS304 
      • Pressure range 10 kg/cm2 for PC, Polysulfone, 40 kg/cm2 for SUS304
      • Low level liquid detect ( 3 mm )
         8.Pressure Switch-SQ Series

        Pressure Switch


        diaphragm is pressurized through the connection in the application and
        the pressure is greater than the force of the compression spring, the
        contact will open/close and signal will be sent out to the system. 
        The purpose of installing pressure switch in the system is to accommodate measuring and controlling for the application process.


        • Suitable in harsh operating conditions
        • Wide range of connection type
        • Zinc-plated steel housing material
        • Available in gold or silver contacts by request
        • Screw type and push-on type available
        • Factory preset or field adjustable pressure switching point
        • Low-cost BUT high quality standards design.

          9. Pressure Level Transmitter-EC Serie


          Pressure Level TransmitterA
          pressure sensor is made out a piezoresister Wheatstone bridge. The
          pressure is applied to the diaphragm and passes through the silicon oil
          onto the Wheatstone bridge. When the pressure acts directly on the front
          face of diaphragm, the Wheatstone bridge will create a different
          voltage. This voltage difference can then be amplified to obtain a
          current signal of 4-20mA. After connecting this current output to a
          meter, we can scale the meter to read the level of the applied liquid in
          a container or a vessel.



          • There
            are various types at user”s option, such as: transducer with extension
            cable/tube, Anti-corrosive type, flange type & pressure transducer.
          • Can be equipped with digital panel meter, recorder, PLC, signal controller.
          • There are metal diaphragm can be used in various environments such as weak acid and alkaline liquid or sewage water treatment.
          • Our internal temperature compensation ensures long lasting reliability.
          • Multiple flange/screw sizes are available. Customized flanges/screw can be ordered.
            10. RF-Capacitance Level Transmitter-EB Series 

            RF-Capacitance Level TransmitterCapacitance
            Level Indicator: Utilizes the capacitance formed between the sensing
            probe and the metallic vessel wall. A high frequency sine-wave is
            applied between the probe and the vessel wall.
            A change of the medium level will induce a change in the current of the applied sine wave.
            Z=1/2pfc, when the capacitance in the vessel increase, impedance will
            decrease and current will increase. Vice-versa, when the capacitance in
            the vessel is small, the impedance will increase and current will
            decrease accordingly.


            • Suitable for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environment.
            • Not affected by noisy, dusty, misty and changes in the temperature.
            • No blind distance, ideal for different tanks.
            • Economic for large tanks
            • 4~20mA output compatible for most control systems and meters\

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