DS 400 – Chart Recorder CS Instrument

CS Instrument


for all relevant parameters of compressed air.

Standard equipment of DS 400 recorder

  • USB interface
  • 3.5″ graphic display with touch screen
  • Integrated mains unit for supply of the sensors
  • 4…20 mA output of all connected active sensors
  • Pulse output (for total consumption) in case of flow sensors
  • 2 alarm relays (pot.-free switch-over contacts, max. 230 V, 3 A)

Software options For DS 400/ DS 400 Mobile

  • Integrated webserver
  • Mathematic calculation function
  • Totalizer function


  DS 400 DS 400 Mobile
118 x 115 x 98 mm IP 54 (wall housing)
92 x 92 x 75 mm (panel mounting)
270 x 225 x 156 mm (W x H x D)
Inputs 2 digital inputs for FA 5xx resp. VA 5xx 2 x 2 sensor inputs for digital or analogue sensor signals
Interface USB
USB (standard), Ethernet (optional)
Power supply 100…240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Internal rechargeable Li-Ion batteries, approx 8 h continuos operation, 4 h charging time
Accuracy Please refer sensor specification
Alarm outputs
2 relays, (pot.-free)
Data logger 100 million measuring values start/stop time, measuring rate freely adjustable
2 additional sensor inputs for connection of pressure sensors, temperature sensors, clamp-on ammeters, third-party sensors with 4…20 mA, 0 to 10 V, Pt 100, Pt 1000

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