Sakagami RNY SEAL- Rods Seal

RNY Hydraulic Seal-Hydraulic packings for rods(Installable in one-piece groove)

The grooves of RGY piston packings and RNY rod packings are compatible with those for the SKY – packings. RGY-packings are designed to withstand back pressure and provide longer service time by adopting an improved wear resistant material.
RNY rod packings are designed exclusively for sealing rods. RNY rod packings made of a highly elastic compound achieve good sealing performance against eccentric movements.

●Packings should be installed in the direction specified in the
above schematic.
●Consider adopting divided grooves if one-piece groove is techni
cally adverse.
●Use divided grooves for packings smaller than RNY-18 in size.
●For applications without back-up rings, refer to the limiting curve of extrusion of seals (page 15) for the size(φd2)
●For information on preferred values of surface finish(roughness)
★Orders and inquiries are accepted on part numbers.
★Products with the part numbers in blue back ground are stock items.
★Packings with the part numbers including letter B are the improved strength types and incompatible with SKY-Packings.
★Packings are adequately packaged for the optimum storage. Refer to “Cautions” in page 2 for the handling and the storage.
★Both in-house stock and manufacturing tooling availability of items specified in the column “Compatible SKY-Packings” can be referred in pages 26~29, SKY Packings.
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