ST Hydraulic Seal Sakagami For Pistons

ST Hydraulic Seal -Hydraulic packings for pistons(Installable in one-piece groove)

S-FLON (PTFE) seals and back-up rings are combined to achieve low friction characteristic and of elimination, stick-slip even at low pressure/speed conditions.
Moderate sealing performance comparing with U-packings due to the PTFE plastic seals which have higher rigidity and lower elasticity than rubber materials.
A good practice is needed to prevent scars on the delicate surface of S-FLON seals.

  • ST type is applicable to common & general applications with diversified dimensions.
  • STS type is designed for low friction/pressure cylinders, with the small cross-sectional areas.
  • STG type is well accepted by construction machines and heavy machinery sectors.


  • Cylinders for machine tools
  • Industrial vehicles

  • Consider adopting divided grooves if one piece groove is technically adverse.
  • For applications without wear rings, set the φD2 side diameter to φD H9/f8.
  • Install wear rings for φ20 and φ25 together with SWA-Wear rings.
  • ST-Seals with the pressure-introducing notches are also available for the higher sealing effectiveness and reliability.
  • For information on preferred values of surface finish (roughness)

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