Sakagami SGY Seal for pistons

T-SGY Hydraulic Seal Hydraulic packings for piston(Installable in one-piece groove)

The groove dimensions of SGY & SNY packings are compatible with those of the SKY-packings.
Service temperature range of -45℃ to +100℃ allows cylinders for use in multiple temperature conditions -in both regular and severe cold environments- without changing packings.

SGY & SNY-packings also feature exceptionally low stick-slip. Due to the nature of the application, the material is required to have a moderately low material hardness.

Conduct verification tests in the case of SGY & SNY-packings are used in high pressure and/or high-frequency conditions.

  • Packings should be installed in the direction specified in the above schematic.
  • Consider adopting divided grooves if the one-piece groove is technically adverse.
  • φD H9/f8 would be modified according to the variation of the bearing structure.
  • For information on preferred values of surface finish(roughness)
★Orders and inquiries are accepted on part numbers.
★○SGY-Packings are made-to-order products.
★Packings are adequately packaged for optimum storage. Refer to “Cautions” on page 2 for the handling and storage.
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