Sakagami GNY Seal – hydraulic packing for Rods

GNY Hydraulic Seal– hydraulic packing for Rods


●Packings should be installed in the direction specified in the above schematic.
●Consider adopting divided grooves if one piece groove is technically adverse.
●When a high pressure back-up ring is not used, φDc and Gc are not necessary.
●For applications without back-up rings, refer to the limiting curve of extrusion of seals (page 15) for the size(φd2).
●For information on preferred values of surface finish (roughness)
★ Orders and inquiries are accepted on part numbers.
★ Products with the part numbers in blue back ground are stock items.
★Packings are adequately packaged for the optimum storage. Refer to “Cautions”in page 2 for the handling and the storage.
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