Maeda Koki Water Signal

Maeda Koki Water Signal Products

Maeda Koki Water Signal Products

  • MKT  Flow rate visual type water signal (flow quantity)
  • MKTV Flow rate visual type water signal with the flow quantity adjustment valve)
  • MKCT Flow rate visual type water signal (flow quantity With protective cover)
  • MKCTV Flow rate visual type water signal (flow quantity with adjustment valve and  protective cover)
  • MKCM type Switch with water signal ( flow quantity with flow switch )
  • MK Galvanometer type water signal (flow sight)
  • MKC Galvanometer type water signal (flow sight with protective cover)

It shows flow quantity by viewing
Because use a transparent taper pipe, with a ball (or a float) and the indication red line
I can confirm approximate flow quantity by looking at the position concerned.
The installation direction does not matter
The posture when attaching it as use a spring inside looks up and look down; and
I can perform sideways-facing freely.

  • Since this product is using the tube of taper form for a transparent tube, it can be used also as a flow rate viewing type of a short form by seeing the related position of a ball and the indicating red line.
  • the spring is being used for this product in a transparent tube, the postures when attaching are freedom, such as facing up, facing down, and sideways.
  • The heat resistant is 80 ℃.
  • Standard pressure resistance: 1MPa
  • Please be sure to announce the kind of fluid, a flow rate (the maximum, daily use, the minimum), and the viscosity of oil in the case of an order, since a spring is selected so that a ball may operate certainly by the operating flow rate.



  1. This product is the electric contact type flow sight by the combination of a reed switch and a magnet.
  2. The reed switch enclosed with the transparent tube runs by magnetic action of the magnet inside a float. This product is the flow switch which it is very compact and is easy to use.
  3. The postures when attaching are freedom, such as facing up, facing down, and sideways.
  4. Since the reed switch is being fixed, adjustment of the operating flow rate value cannot be performed. However, the adjustment of some operating flow rate value is possible by exchanging the spring.

Standard specification

  • Maximum working voltage:  DC, AC  300 V
  • Maximum working current: DC,AC 0.5A
  • Contact capacity: 50VA
  • The system of a contact  :
    • ON type
    • OFF type (Contacts are open when fluid does not flow)
  • Acceptable Fluid:  Fluids, such as water, oil, and air
  •  Standard pressure proof: 1MPa (10kgf/㎠ )
  • Working temperature range: 0℃~+60℃
  • The connection system of a joint The female screw Rc(PT) is being used for a standard product. However, the male screw or the combination of mm size copper pipe and precision steel pipes are also made.

Please use this flow sight at the temperature (60℃ or less) near normal temperature if possible. Since a reed switch is a switch which operates magnetically, please use it in the place which does not influence of a magnetic field. Moreover, keep in mind that it will become the cause of incorrect operation of a switch if the magnetic substance, such as iron material, exists near the reed switch.

Please take apart and clean, when the float of this flow sight fails to work,

  •  When using the industrial water, be careful of fur.
  •  When using mixing oil, such as an antifriction material, be careful of deposits.
  • Keep in mind that a float may fail to work by dust and iron powder which is mixed in piping or a fluid.
  • When the float fails to work by the foreign substance, fur, etc. while in use, please wash the core of the transparent tube well with kerosene or detergent.(Organic solvents, such as thinner, are improper.)
  • Since the gap between the transparent tube and the float becomes small depending on the type, please prevent the foreign substance entering in the transparent tube using a filter etc

If air bubbles mix into a fluid, the float may fail to work normally. In using it for the part which the flow of a fluid pulsates, be careful of a specification of the operating flow rate.



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