red-y smart series High-precision Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

Reliable technology and industry standard interfaces make the red-y smart series thermal mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) particularly suitable for measurement and control in gas delivery systems and plant engineering applications.

Accurate Measurement

The massflow devices offer high accuracy and a wide dynamic range with 2 different instrument versions “Standard” and “Hi-Performance”:Accuracy up to ± 0.3% of full scale + ±0.5% of reading
Turndown ratio 1 : 100 (extended turndown ratio on request)  

Analog & Digital

The mass flow meters and controllers of the red-y smart series make use of the latest MEMS technology and have a digital (Modbus RTU) and analog interface as standard.Modbus Interface for our Mass Flow Devices Profibus Interface for our Mass Flow DevicesProfinet RT Interface for our Mass Flow DevicesEtherCAT Interface for our Mass Flow Devices

Profibus, Profinet RT and EtherCAT interfaces are available as option.

A wide range of cable and power supply accessories is available

Operating Status Indication

The measurement and control instruments offer a built-in LED status indication


Safe & Fast Control

The red-y smart controller uses a tightly sealed control valve with a leak rate of less than 1×10-6mbar l/s He. Response times of approx. 150 msec for very fast set point control


get red-y Software

Efficient device management with the free get red-y software:

  • View flow rate & temperature
  • Change set points
  • Select measured gas
  • Visualization of measured data
  • Adjusting control parameter

Optional modules get red-y software:

  • Datalogging
  • Gasmixing

See all available cables and power supply accessories for easy PC connection.



Built-in display
Display includes: Flow rate, totalizer, unit of measure & set point control (controller only)Multigas
One meter or controller can be used for up to 10 different gases or gas mixturesProfibus
The instruments are available with Profibus interface: DP-V0 & DP-V1 protocols

Industrial Ethernet
Two industrial ethernet protocols Profinet RT and EtherCAT are available

Display and Control Device PCU-10
The PCU-10 permits the operation of up to 10 flow meters and controllers with predefined process recipes.

Display and Control Device for Thermal Mass Flow Meters and Controllers  

Gas Block Systems
The gas collection systems enable the easy integration of several digital flow meters and flow controllers into one combined system.

Integrated Solutions with our modular Gas Block Systems 

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