Ryuki FLO-PL-4D small purge flow meter

Ryuki FLO-LP-4DV Small purge meter

A small purge meter made of SUS304 / SCS. Ideal for device assembly.

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Measuring fluid Liquid (water, cooling water, etc.)
Gas (AIR, N2, CO2, Ar, etc.)
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Scale range 10: 1
Flow rate Liquid: 1 ~ 10mL / min to 0.15 ~ 1.5L / min
Various gases: 10~100NmL / min to 1.5~15NL / min
Body material SUS304 / SCS
Tapered tube material Hard glass
Float material It depends on the specifications.
Connection method Rc connection
Port size Rc1 / 4B
Flow rate accuracy Within ± 5% FS
Mounting direction Vertical direction
Flow direction Model reference
Maximum working pressure 0.7MPa
Maximum operating
80 ℃

Reference : http://www.ryuki.jp


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