Matsushima – Belt Sway Switch

Belt Sway Switch Matsushima

Misalignment Belt Detection

The Belt Sway Switch functions in two ways; detecting a deviation or sway in the conveyor belt and providing an alarm and sending out the signal to stop the conveyor.

The use of the switch in the material transport system can prevent damage to the conveyor belt and/or drive system and avoid consequential confusion on transport lines in the event of an accident.


  • Weatherproof Type IP67
  • The Belt Sway Switch is constructed with high-reliability microswitches lubricate fewer ball bearings, a touch pulley which is tilted to 75º and other parts; its functions are designed with a large margin for sure action and long life.
  • The switch has the difference of 2º between ON and OFF to switch certainly at an action point. Therefore, this switch can prevent belt conveyor troubles by simples circuit.


  • ELAP 20 Standart Verison Without EX-Proof
  • ELADP 22 SDP13 For Dust Ignition-Proof
  • ELAM 10 d2G4 With Flame-Proof


An inclination angle of touch pulley MAX 75º Lead Outlet Standard (Non-Ex-Proof) G 1/2
Operation torque of touch pulley 3.4∼5.4Nm (0.35∼0.55kgfm) Flameproof type. Dust ignition-proof type G3/4
Contacts 2C Enclosure IP 67
Capacity of Contact 15A- 125, 50VAC

1/2A- 125 VDC

Coating Color Munsell 7.5GY6/10


Dimension Belt Sway Switch


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