T Series Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

Nanaboshi Electrical Connector | Plug connector | Receptacle Connector

Electrical Connector T Series use of rubber insulators and a one-touch cap lock mechanism has made it easy to handle. Ideal for frequent travel installations.


RoHS not supported
Waterproofness None
Lock method Cap lock method
Mechanism and material characteristics Use synthetic rubber for insulator and have excellent mechanical properties
Operating temperature limit
  • 484: Screwing
  • 4810: Soldering
Operating temperature range -25 ° C to + 85 ° C

Characteristics and electrical performance

Shell Size Number of Contacts 4 10
Contact arrangement <When viewed from the pin (male) contact coupling side>
Rating 500V 250V
3pcs = 15A
7pcs = 10A
Withstand voltage
(V r.m.s. )
2500 1500
Wire size (mm2
3.5 ~5.5
3pcs = 3.5 or less
7pcs = 2 or less
Cable finish outer diameter(mm) φ16.5 toφ18.5
  • Shell: Zinc alloy (Plated chrome plating)
  • Insulator: Synthetic   rubber
  • Contact: Copper alloy (Silver plating)

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