Lemo S and E Series multi concentric contact connectors

A range of products dedicated to applications in which connectors need to functioneven in case of rotation. Similar to coaxial ortriaxial connectors, these precision engineeredconnectors are fitted with multiple concentric electrical contacts.

The number of contacts ranges from 4 to 10contacts. Connectors are available in variousshell sizes. For an IP68 connector solutionselect the E series.

These contacts, designed for low-speedrotation, can last up to 10,000 rotation cycles.Unlike coaxial or triaxial connectors this rangeis not impedance controlled.

The contacts are recessed and scoop-proof.Applications include petroleum downhole drilling systems and turret applications, in otherwords, applications where the connection may require free rotation (instrumentation mast).

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Main Features:

• Push-Pull self-latching
•4 to 10 concentric contacts within size 2S to 5S
• up to 10000 rotation cycles ( low speed)
• Shell styles based on the S and B series
• Temp. range -55°C to 250°C
• Shielding:

> 75dB at 10Mhz
> 40dB at 1 Ghz

• Solder contacts
• IP50
• For cable ø 3.2 to 23.6 mm

Number Of LV Contact Male Contact Female Contact Series Test Voltage (kV rms) Test Voltage (kV dc) Rated Current (A)
Standart Watertight
4 2S 2E 0.60 0.85 5.5
5 3S 3E 0.60 0.85 6.0
6 4S 4E 0.60 0.85 6.0
8 YS 0.60 0.85 6.5
10 5S 5E 0.60 0.85 7.0

Note: YS Series is only available for FAA And EHP models.

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