Onicon System-10 BTU Meter

Onicon System-10 BTU Meter
Onicon System-10 BTU Meter

ONICON SYSTEM-10 BTU METER is the premier platform for accurately measuring and reporting the thermal energy usage, flow and temperatures required by today’s High Performance Buildings. The System-10 BTU Meter provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems based on signal inputs from two matched temperature sensors (included) and any of ONICON’s insertion or inline flow meters which are ordered separately. The basic model provides a local indication of energy, flow and temperature data through an alphanumeric display. An isolated solid state dry contact is provided for energy total. Optional analog outputs and network communications are also available.

Whether it’s used for chiller plant optimization, CEP monitoring and control, or sub-metering the hydronic energy use across a campus, the System-10 has the versatility and functionality required to integrate seamlessly with your BMS/EMS


Chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems for:

  • Commercial office tenant billing
  • Central plant monitoring
  • University campus monitoring
  • Institutional energy cost allocation
  • Performance/efficiency evaluations
  • Performance contracting energy monitoring

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  • Single Source Responsibility
  • Simple Installation and Commissioning
  • NIST* Traceable Calibration with Certification
  • Precision Solid State Temperature Sensors
  • Highly Accurate Flow Meters
  • Complete Installation Package
  • Serial Communications


Temperature Overall differential temperature measurement uncertainty of ≤ ±0.15°F over the stated range (Includes uncertainty associated with the sensors, transmitters, cabling and calculator input circuitry)
Temperature sensors meet EN1434/CSA C900.1 accuracy requirements for 1K sensors for cooling applications, 32°F to 77°F.
Temperature sensors meet EN1434/CSA C900.1 accuracy requirements for 2K sensors for heating applications, 140°F to 212°
Calculator Computing nonlinearity within ±0.05%Calculator meets EN1434 / CSA C900.1 class 1 accuracy requirements for 2K sensors for all applications.
Programing Factory programmed for specific application
Field programmable via front panel interface
Memory Non-volatile EEPROM memory retains all program parameters and totalized values in the event of power loss.
Display Alphanumeric LCD displays total energy, total flow, energy rate, flow rate, supply temperature, return temperature, serial number and alarm status
Alpha: 16 character, 0.2” high
Numeric: 8 digit, 0.4” high
Rate Display Range: 0 – 9,999,999
Total Display Range: 0 – 9,999,999
Output Signals Isolated solid state dry contact for energy total
Contact rating: 100 mA, 50 V
Contact duration: 0.5, 1, 2, or 6 sec
Analog Output(s) (4-20 mA, 0-10 V or 0-5 V):
One or four analog output(s) available for flow rate, energy rate, supply/return temps, or delta-T
Serial Communication BACnet® IP or MS/TP, MODBUS® RTU RS485 or TCP/IP, LONWORKS – TP/FT-10F, Siemens Apogee – P1, Johnson Controls Metasys – N2
Temperature Sensors
Solid state sensors are custom calibrated using NIST traceable temperature standards.Current based signal (mA) is unaffected by wire length.
Temperature Ranges
Liquid temperature ranges based on application. See Meter Ordering Information on next page.Ambient temperature range: -20°F to 140°F
Liquid Flow Signal Pulse (frequency) or 4-20 mA input
Mechanical Parts Available Electronics Enclosures:

  • Steel NEMA 13, wall mount, 8”x10”x4”
  • NEMA 4
  • Approximate weight: 12 lbs

Temperature Sensor Thermowell Kits:
Thermowells and other kit components vary by fluid type, fluid temperature, pipe material and pipe size. Commonly used kits are listed on the previous page. Contact ONICON for additional thermowell kit options, including Hot Tap Installation Kits for retrofit installations.

Download Datasheet: Onicon System-10-BTU-Meter

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