Function and Types of Control Valve

The control function works when the liquid flows well into a pipe or trench orcanal equipped with valves to control the flow.

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Elektrogas Control Valves VF VFH

VF VFH Butterfly valves for air and gas  VF and VFH butterfly valves are designed for regulation and control of air and gas flow. Valves can be operated manually using a lever (to setup the high-fire rate of the burner) or automatically using a servomotor (modulating or staged control) or a solenoid actuator (two-stage control). The setting can be monitored on a graduated scale, this allows  precise regulation ratios. This type of device is suitable for air and gas adjustment in combustion processes, like industrial kilns, drying stoves, smelting and annealing…

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Flow Control Valve Kofloc

A flow control valve controls the flow rate based on the change of resistance of the flow channel using a needle to adjust the opening of the flow channel that functions as a small orifice. Flow control valves come in a simply type, precision type, and bellows type. Use an appropriate type according to the price, accuracy, and usage. Gas and liquid constant flow valves, shut-off valves, proportional solenoid valves, and many other types of valve are also available.   Gas Flow Control Vlave   Small Proportional Solenoid Valve MODEL…

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