Wenglor- HT80PA3 Reflex Sensor

Sensor-sensor ini mendeteksi jarak dengan mengukur sudut. Mereka sangat pandai mengenali objek di depan latar belakang apa pun.

Baumer Retro Reflective PhotoElectric Sensor FPDK 14P

Baumer FPDK 14P- Retro Photoelectric Sensor

Light sensor and also commonly called Photoelectric Sensor. This sensor uses light sensitive elements to detect objects and consists of a transmitter / emitter (Light Source) and receiver (receiver).

Diferrential Pressure Flow Meter

Differential Presusure Transmitter- Rosemount

Rosemount™ 3051S Coplanar™ Pressure Transmitter is Patented Rosemount Coplanar technology offers optimized performance as a pressure, DP Flow and DP Level solution

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pressure sensor


Valon pressure sensor products, vpr2, vprv-d, VSW2, VPRT, VDP4, VFM, VPRH, VPMC, Pressure Meter

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optic sensor


Wenglor sensor products: Photoelectronic, Inductive Sensors, Ultrasonic sensors, reflex Sensors, Vision Systems, Barcode, and 2D/3D Code Scanners, as well as Safety Technology.

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gas caliberation

Gastec Oxygen Sensor

The measurement principle of gastec oxygen sensor involves an electrolyte-soluble metal anode and an insoluble metal cathode that is immersed in the electrolyte.

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optic sensor

Industrial sensor wenglor

Wenglor Product Sensor offering Photoelectronic and Inductive Sensors include Ultrasonic Sensors, Fluid Sensors, Vision Systems, Barcode, and 2D/3D Code Scanners, as well as Safety Technology