Kofloc Pressure Regulator Valve (Precision Regulator for Low Pressure Regulation) MODEL 6610

Pressure Regulator  Valve (Precision Regulator  for Low Pressure Regulation) MODEL 6610     This valve has been developed for better repeatability and quick, reliable pressure regulation by increasing the accuracy of the low-pressure side compared with the Model 6600. It is ideal for high-sensitivity analyzers and semiconductor manufacturing equipment, as well as for research and development. 1.Features -High-precision regulation on the low-pressure side High regulation performance with repeatability of ±1% or less when the pressure on the primary side and load resistance on the second- ary side change under the…

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ElektroGas Solenoid Valve

The study of innovative solutions and the application of new technologies make it possible for continuous improvement of the complete range of products and, in many cases, an increase of their performance. The experimentation of the new technical solutions and the very stringent reliability tests which every new product is subjected to, guarantee the safety and the quality of all products introduced into the market. The accumulation of experience and know how achieved through many years of activity are always the starting point for every new project. VMH VMP SERIES Safety shut off valves, slow opening and fast closing with hydraulic…

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