Functions and Types of Oil Skimmer

Oil skimmer is a tool that functions to separate liquid particles that are above other fluids or other floating liquids because the liquid is not homogeneous.

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Oil skimmer JF-100

Main features: Stainless steel with special oil-absorbing materials processing, with lipophilic hydrophobic properties, oil absorption rate and faster.  the very low moisture content of the recovered oil can be used directly or refining reuse. Use temperature can exceed 120 ℃, can be used in high temperature acid and alkali environment. flexible design, according to the environmental requirements making use of the site or configure the length of the strip, and select Standard Or non-standard products. A kit stainless steel, explosion proof, wind-based, anti-steam type. 24 hours time proportional control. Economical and…

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Sogyo Oil Skimmer

Sogyo’s basic philosophy is “daily reformation”. We fully use the above three [SOU]s to live up to the following motto: ・“Customer-centered business” ・“Consensus-style management” ・“Earth-conscious and community involvement” We will respond to customer’s requests with the utmost care and try to keep going ahead of the time.In the Chubu area, Sogyo has a leading market share of the fine mesh (high-quality wire sheet), which is necessary for the field of cutting-edge technology such as automobiles, home appliances, and audio-visual equipment. Our high technical capability, creative development capability, and customer-centered business…

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