Tank Level Gauge

Water Level Solar Level Level Gauge Tank Level Sensor As the liquid level increases, the float in the tank rises up. While the wire connected to the float is being wound, the gauge shows the level of the content in the tank.  Feature Easily install assuring easy disassembly and maintenance. Easy to mount on existing… Read More


Mechanical Level Transmitter

Level Sensor Level Transmitter Mechanical Level Sensor Features For controlling motors and alarming to control. Easy to install and is generally used. Widely used to underground or roof water tank. Appropriate for short roof circumstance. Principles The buoyancy generated by the float operates the spring. And the gear connected to the spring moves to display the… Read More

Electrode Level Sensor

Level Level Sensor Electrode Level sensor Feature It is used in the conductive liquid level measurement. It is widely used in the sewage or wastewater tanks When using in a chemical plant, it is possible to be used by having a PTFE coating on the electrode (selection specification) Since it is possible to have 2line type, the… Read More

Quick Type Level Sensor

Level Sensor Quick Level Sensor Feature It is possible to be used in the liquid level of degree of fixation. The installation is simple and is possible to adjust the on-off switch freely on site. It is widely used in the sewage treatment plants and water tanks The corrosiveness is strong Since it is possible to have 2line… Read More

Jenis Level Sensor

Jenis level sensor ada banyak tergantung aplikasi dari matrial serta jenis tanki wadah terbuka berupa silo ataupun yang selalu berubah-ubah ketinggianya seperti sungai ataupun danau dan laut.