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Elektrogas Automatic Safety Valves VMM

VMM Multiple safety solenoid valve for gas regulating trains The VMM type valve is a combination of two valves in an only compact and versatile valve housing. The first valve is a fast opening safety solenoid valve. The second valve may be a fast opening or a slow opening solenoid valve to adjust the gas flow, with a first adjustable fast stroke more

Elektrogas VML VML60

VML VML60 Safety solenoid valves for air and gas slow opening and fast closing The VML type valve is a safety valve that is normally closed, with fast or slow opening and adjustable rapid section for initial gas flow. When not in working position the spring works on the disc keeping the gas passage closed. When the coil is powered the valve opens more

Elektrogas Control Valves MZ

MZ Servomotor for butterfly valves  Servomotors MZ are designed to operate VF and VFH butterfly valves. They consist of a multi-stage spur gearbox with DC motor, driven by an electronic control unit. This allows a high torque and adjustable running time. MZ3 type is suitable for basic adjusting position, operated by cams connected to driving more

Kofloc Togglo Valve Model 5500 Series

 Kofloc Togglo Valve Model 5500 Series The KOFLOC toggle valve is a shutoff valve developed for quick, reliable opening/closing operation. The special structure with a valve section and special O-ring excels in durability, while ultra-cleanliness assures high-sensitivity analysis. Features 1.Lifting by 90 degrees and tilting for quick more

Kofloc Constant Flow Valve For Liquid Model 2600-PPS Series

Constant Flow Valve for Liquid MODEL 2600-PPS SERIES This constant flow valve has been developed for use with liquids. It can control the liquid flow rate irrespective of pressure fluctuations on the primary and secondary sides. It can be used for hot water, as well. Features 1.Excellent constant flow valve characteristics for liquids The valve more

Kofloc Constant Flow Valve for Liquid Model 2600S & PVC Series

Constant Flow Valve for Liquid MODEL 2600 SERIES This is a constant flow valve developed for liquids, and maintains a constant liquid flow irrespective of pressure changes on the primary and secondary sides. Features 1.Excellent constant flow valve for liquids   The valve is made of high-precision parts for smooth control.2.Immune to pressure more