P16 SERIES hydraulic pump

P16 SERIES Construction Cast iron pumping sections for durability Aluminum body and flange for excellent power to weight ratio Journal bearings for long life and good over-hung load capacity Buna-N seals are standard for petrolium & glycol based fluids – “Viton®” seals are optional Preasuse balanced plates for greater efficiency Available Configurations P16 – Standard TP16… Read More


PGP/PGM 500 SERIES hydraulic pump

PGP/PGM 500 SERIES PGP/PGM 500 series gear pumps/motors are an advanced performance version of the international “bushing block” style pumps. PGP/PGM 500 series pumps/motors offer superior performance, high efficiency and low noise operation at high operating pressures. They are produced in three frame sizes (PGP/PGM 505, PGP/PGM 511, PGP/PGM 517) with displacements ranging from .12… Read More


Specifications for Gerotor Pumps & Motors Gerotor design, High Speed/Low Torque [HSLT] Aluminum construction for optimum power to weight ratio Bi-directional High-pressure mechanical seals available for series application to 1000 PSI back pressure Roller bearings for long life Buna-N Seals are standard for petroleum and glycol based fluids MGG — Motor with shaft speeds to… Read More


A Parker pressure-loaded gear pump consists of two, intermeshing, hardened-steel, precision-ground gear assemblies. These precision gears are enclosed by a high-strength, die-cast aluminum front cover, back cover and a high-yield, strength-extruded aluminum center section. Features Speeds up to 4000 rpm Pressure-loaded design Efficient, simple design – few moving parts Exceptionally compact and lightweight for their capacity… Read More


Hydraulic Pump Piston Pump Vane Pump Gear Pump Parker salah satu brand hydraulic yang sangat terkenal dan mempunyai jenis hydraulic pump yang cukup lengkap. Parker menawarkan pumpa untuk hydraulic, fuel, oil, fluid transfer, lubrication dan aplikasi untuk aerospace. Pompa parker juga dapat diguanakan untuk sytem terbuka maupun sitem tertutup. Pompa parker mencakup aplikasi yang cukup… Read More

Cara Seting Mesin Press Hydraulic

Mesin Hydraulic Press maupun mechanical press pada dasarnya berfungsi untuk melakukan penekanan, baik untuk proses drawing, punching, blanking, fiting, shearing, bending, forging ataupun yang lainnya.

Mesin Hydraulic press dan Mesin Mechanical Press

Pada dasarnya mesin press hydraulic maupun mechanical press ini berfungsi untuk melakukan penekanan, baik untuk proses drawing, punching, blanking, fiting, shearing, bending, forging dan lainnya