Ege Elektronik special purpose sensors for automation

EGE Elektronik Sensors product such as flow controllers, infrared, opto and ultrasonic sensors, capacitive proximity switches, light barriers, and inductive proximity switches

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Calibration gas generating equipment Gastec

Calibration gas generating equipment Generating Calibration gas with a permeation tube A permeation tube is a fluororesin tube that contains high-grade liquefied gas. When the tube is exposed to a certain temperature, liquefied gas penetrates the tube wall by osmosis in time-increments enabling a specific quantity of gas to be retained in the tube . Consequently, a carrier gas flowing at a constant speed (for calibration purposes) can be continuously generated by keeping the tube at a fixed temperature and infusing a constant quantity of dilution gas. This method is…

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Gastec Hand-held Methane gas detector [MAM-2510]

Hand-held Methane gas detector [MAM-2510]       Feature •Low power consumption sensor •Compact and lightweight •For exclusive measurement of methane gas only •Analog display shows LEL or concentration (%)Specification 1.Measurement range: 0 – 25%LEL, 0 – 100%LEL 2.Sampling method: Diaphragm pump 3.Measurement method: Catalytic combustion gas sensor 4.Display: Analog metre (backlit) 5.Indicating accuracy: +/- 5% of full scale 6.Alarm threshold and signal: Intermittent sound and blinking alarm light 7.Alarm threshold and signal: 20% LEL 8.Power source: – Three size C alkaline dry cell batteries for 8 hours of operation…

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