Glass Tube Flow Meter Type

Glass tube flow meter type widely used for installment application with vertical system and amount of flow rate can be read directly and usually made from excellent glass material, the pyrex glass.

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Alia Variable Area Flowmeters

Alia Flow Meter Alia Tube Flow Meter Variable Area Flowmeter AVF250 Series ALIAVA AVF250 Series is a flowmeter commonly used in Auto-industry process control. It’s with small volume, wide range and easily operation. It could also measure liquid, gas and steam flowrate, especially fit for small flowrate application. FEATURES  4 digit flowrate & 8 digit totalizer  Local indication without auxiliary power  4-20 mA & Scale pulse output  Low pressure lost on gas and steam application  Damper for Gas/Steam application  Consistent overall length  Heating jacket design  Intrinsically safe & explosion proof for…

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