Specification Digital Flow DGT-025SIH- Oval gear Sensor

        DG Flow Oval Gear Flow Meter DGT-025SIH     Specification Accuracy (standard installation position) ±0.5%RS Fluid &Ambient temperature -40 to 150°C Maximum working pressure 15MPa Pulse unit(K-FACTOR) 100 P/liter 0.01 liter/P Flow-rate range (±1% RS) 400 – 5,000 L/H Output signal NPN open collector Power voltage 3~24V DC, Max 60mA Connection / Pipe Size PT 1″ (External thread) Main materials Rotor and casing: stainless steel O-ring: viton Shaft: stainless steel Dimension (mm) 110x90x77 Application     ALL fluid(Some special chemical product exception) Advertisements

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Digital Flow’s Flow Meter

Digital Flow Co., Ltd. are a manufacturer of fuel dispenser, flow meters and flow control counters. there are working hard to provide high quality products through constant investment and R&D since its establishment in 2009. We develop and produce oval gear flow meters and turbine flow meters with homegrown technologies. Our direct responses help satisfy the diverse needs of global customers, thus having our products exported to many countries worldwide including Thai and India starting with Finland in 2011. We are committed at Digital Flow Co., Ltd. to providing high…

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Flux Flow Meter

FLUX flow meters constructed on the nutating disc principle (FMC), oval rotor (FMO) or the turbine principle (FMT), provide the right solution for every application. Depending on model and overall size they can be used on e.g. FLUX drum pumps or stationary e.g. in pipe lines. Using the digital display unit FLUXTRONIC® for FMC and FMO filling and metering processes can be carried out for virtually all liquids with maximum precision and the greatest possible safety. In automatic mode there is the possibility of transmitting signals for control purposes. In…

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