ONICON’s F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters

DESCRIPTION ONICON’s F-5000 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meters mampu memberikan pengukuran flow yang akurat untuk material natural gas, udara bertekanan tinggi, dan industrial gas lainnya. Desain perangkat sensor mengukur mass flow secara langsung dan tidak membutuhkan tambahan tekanan atau kompensasi suhu dalam penggunaannya. F-5500 tersedia dalam tipe inline maupun instertion dan dilengkkapi dengan interface yang… Read More


Thermal Mass Gas Flowmeter

Thermal mass flowmeters are most commonly used to measure the mass flow of clean gases, such as air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, ammonia, argon, and other industrial gases. Mixtures, such as flue stack flow and biogas flow, can be measured when their composition is known. An advantage of this technology is its dependence on thermal properties… Read More

Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter

Siargo specializes MEMS flow sensing technology and manufactures MEMS flow sensors, modules, and system products that are shipped worldwide.  Our global technical team is working 24/7 and ready to provide timely solutions to your even very special requirements.  . Our patented low power and integrated flow system technology and know-how excel in many applications for… Read More