Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

The Rheonik coriolis meters are primarily Mass Flow Meters and they can measure mass very accurately. These two components are RHM coriolis flow sensors and RHE Coriolis Flow Transmitters


Gravity Mass Flow meter Rheonik RHM-08

RHM08 Rheonik Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Versatile Coriolis Mass Flow Meter APPLICATIONS Typical application include : General Flow Control High Pressure Gas Dispensing Additing Dosing Mixing and  Batching Chemical Injection Package and Container Filling FEATURES The outstanding features include: Standart pressure rating upto 1254 bar (11458 psi) Temperature rating from -196 to 350 Deg C… Read More

Low Flow Mass Flow Meter RHM 015

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Rheonik RHM015 Rheonik Coriolis Flow Meter   Features : • Standard pressure ratings up to 752 bar (10907 psi) • Temperature ratings from -196 to 350°C (-320 to 662°F) • Mass flow uncertainty down to 0.10% • Repeatability better than 0.05% • Typical measuring ranges between 0.004 kg/min and 0.6 kg/min… Read More