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water flow meter

Tips memperlambat putaran dan cara hack meteran air

Memperlambat putaran dan cara hack meteran air adalah suatu langkah yang bisa menyebabkan Penyedia air atau PDAM tidak percaya pada pelanggan dan water meter air pdam bisa dicabut

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flow meter liquid

Lorric FU-TX 310 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Meter

FU-TX 310 is a product of Taiwan, Non-invasive design, no downtime for installation, no pipe cutting, maintenance at any time, significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs.

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Gas flow meter

Ryuki FLO-PL-4D small purge flow meter

A small purge meter made of SUS304 / SCS. Ideal for device assembly. FLO-PL-40D designed for Liquid (water, cooling water, etc.) and Gas (AIR, N2, CO2, Ar, etc.) wth scale range 10: 1.

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Flow meter

Ryuki ODM-LP200L Orifice Water Flow Meter

ODM-LP200L flow meter that has been developed in a compact size to be suitable for general industrial water and tap water.It can compared with the conventional area type and bypass type flowmeters.