Penggunaan Flowmeter Ultrasonic Pada Pengolahan air limbah

Flow meter ultrasonic yang digunakan untuk flow meter air limbah merupakan tipe flow meter yang cara kerjanya mengukur kecepatan aliran fluida dengan menggunakan ultrasound jenis flowmeter clamp on



Description : 1: operating power :AC 85—264V or isolation DC 24V 2: current: 50mA(under the condition of connection without keyboard display and sound of buzzer) 3:output optional: one channel standard isolation RS485 output One channel isolation 4-20mA or 0-20mA passive output. Two channel OCT output(programmed between the pulse width(6-1000ms),default before leaving factory (200ms)) 4:input optional:… Read More

CLAMP ON TDS 100F Flowmeter

Features Non-invasive clamp-on Technology Easy to install No pressure drop, moving parts, leakage or corrosion No pipe cutting or process interruption Measurement independent of fluid properties Wide Bi-directional flow range The sensors being clamp-on type, there’s no pressure loss. The sensors are easily mounted on the surface of the pipe without interrupting the flow for… Read More

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter TDS-100H

Portable Ultra, onic Flow Meter TDS-100H  is applicable for water, sea water, sewage; oil fuel oil, chemicals (alcohol, acids, etc.); waste; beverage and liquid food, solvents and other