Xonic X100 LM JAIN- Open Channel

Open Channel Flow System Xonic 100 LM use Large transducers for the open channel which over 2 meter and Small transducers for the smaller sites which under 2 meters. The transducers of the system has it’s own patent of the design. It measures not only the Velocity, but also the Sound Speed of the flow to ensure it has the accuratly measurement. Moreover, the system can compensates the difference of the temperates and changes the measurement by its own diagnostic functions. Xonic100LM Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow meter use ultrasonic transit-time…

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Level Transmitter HD1200

Level Transmitter HD1200 Overview Advanced level sensing algorithm suppresses the noise level and artifacts and enabled stable measurement. One main unit handles two sensors at once. Two different types of sensors can be installed and each may measures different range. Data logging function to micro SD TM. Flow measurement by measuring catchment level is possible. Usage Level control of liquid, powder or grains in a tank Level measurement of pond, lake or river Open channel flow measurement (catchment level)     Model HD1200 Channel 2 Frequency 10 to 60 kHz…

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