Flowmeter Ultrasonic Alia AUF610series


AUF610series is portable transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter with clamp-on transducers for non-invasive liquid. Flow measurement can accurately measured without interrupting the flow and with low costs

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BTU Flow Meter

BTU flow meter adalah flow meter yang berfungsi untuk mengukur besarnya energy dari aliran cairan dengan ukuran dasar energy panas BTU ( British thermal unit  ).  Flow meter BTU biasanya digunakan dalam sitem aliran air dingin atau panas yang dihasilkan oleh mesin chiller atau thermo oil. Dan untuk digedung perkantoran, mall dan gedung komersial lainya banyak menggunakan chiller. Meter BTU ini bisanya berhubungan dengan sistem dan besarnya pembayaran atas energy yang digunakan. Komponen utama dari BTU meter adalah flow meter dan Temperature meter. Temperature sensor dipasang pada child out dan…

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Greyline TTFM 6.1 Clamp On Flow Meter

Greyline Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter Clamp On Flow Meter Transit Time Flow Meter         128MB Data Logger Application Optimization Available Optional MODBUS® RTU or HART Output 2 Programmable Control Relays Isolated 4-20mA Output Large Backlit Flow Rate Display and Totalizer Works on a Large Variety of Pipe Materials and Sizes Non-Contacting Clamp-on Ultrasonic Transducers Easy to Install and Configure Wide Range of Applications Enhanced Performance Accurately measure the flow rate of relatively clean, non-aerated liquids like potable water, raw water, cooling water, de-ionized or reverse-osmosis water,…

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Greyline SFM 6.1 – Clamp On Flow Meter For Slurry

Greyline Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter Clamp On Flow Meter Slurry   Optimized for Slurries Easy, Intuitive Set-Up 5 Button Menu System Isolated 4-20mA Output Up to 6 Control Relays Optional Built In Data Logger The Greyline SFM 6.1 was specifically developed for the slurry applications found in today’s coal fired power plants. Using a proprietary algorithm specifically designed for measuring slurry flow, the SFM 6.1 incorporates more than 25 years of Greyline ultrasonic flow measurement experience. The SFM 6.1 Slurry Flow Meter works best in applications that would defeat…

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Greyline DFS 5.1 Clamp On Flow Meter With Swicth Control

Greyline Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter Doppler Flow Meter Switch Control Adjustable ON/OFF Set-Points 5 amp DPDT Control Relay Flow Control from the Outside of Metal or Plastic Pipes Adjustable Time Delay Hi or Lo Flow Alarm Mode Flow Rate LED bargraph Relay Status LED The DFS 5.1 is Flow Switch With Non-Contacting Sensor,Control Flow from outside a pipe. Recommended for “difficult liquids” including wastewater, cooling water, slurries, sludge, chemicals, viscous liquids and abrasives. The Greyline DFS 5.1 is ideal for pump protection or to activate flow/no-flow alarms. Control relay…

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