Bespoke Flow-Mon Flowmeter Turbine

With our own factory based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire Flow-Mon is able to make bespoke Flow Monitors. These include but not limited to special end to ends, different inlet – outlet fittings, body materials, switching requirement, and location.

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RMG TRZ 03 Turbine Flow Meter

RMG TRZ 03 Turbine Flow Meter serves to calculate the flow rate of natural gas, butane, propane, nitrogen, air, acetylene, and other gaseous matters used in various technological processes (gas flow meter). It consists of the following components: body, measuring element (located on the body), and counting mechanism. A flow straightener located upstream of the measuring element of TRZ 03 Turbine Meter directs the gas onto the turbine blades. The turning number is proportionate to the average speed of movement of the operating environment and, therefore, to its flow. The…

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