Seametrics-ft400-series- rate and totalizer indicator
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Seametrics Rate and Total Indicator – FT400 Series

Komputer aliran FT400 Series adalah indikator untuk menghitung dan menampilkan laju aliran, total aliran, dan juga menghasilkan sinyal output yang mewakili aliran.

seametrics flow meters

Seametrics Multi Jet MJ-Series

MJ-Series meters use the multi-jet principle,which has been an internationally-accepted standard for many years. This type of meter is known for its wide range, simplicity,and accuracy in low-quality water.

PE202 Seametrics
flow meter electromagnetic

PE 202 Seametrics Low-Flow Magmeter

The PE 202 Seametrics Low-Flow Magmeter is designed for low-flow chemical injection or difficult-to-meter applications with pulsating metering pumps in 3/4” to 1/4” pipe/tube.

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batch control

Batching system

The FT500-Series Batching system is a batching flow processor with additional output controls. It is designed for use with Seametrics flow meters and flow sensors

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flow meters

Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

The IP100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion paddle wheels that come in brass, PVC, or 316 stainless models to fit 3” to 40” pipe

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Seametrics Analog Transmitter

SEAMETRICS FLOWMETER – AO55 SERIES – BLIND ANALOG TRANSMITTER Two-wire 4-20 mA output Precise manual setting of the 20 mA flow rate Rugged cast aluminum housing with fused coating Electronic components potted in urethane for […]

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data logger

DL76 Data Logger seametrics

The DL76 Data Logger seametrics is a battery-powered data logger that can be used with any Seametrics fowmeter

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flow meters

Flow Meter Fitting

Seametrics insertion meters must be seated in fittings that match the pipe size and material. How to Order: Specify Part Number, Size Code, and Option Number (when appropriate). Select pipe size codes as follows: flow meter, water meter, […]