Pencampuran Cairan dengan batch control

Pencampuran cairan bahan produksi dengan batch control biasanya digabungkan dengan flow meter baik jenis volume flow meter atau mass flow meter


Fluidwell Flow rate Totalizer

fluidweel Flow rate Indicators and Totalizers” offers a powerful flow rate monitor with flow curve linearization, flow rate monitoring, signal transmission, alarm and pulse outputs

Kofloc Flow Meter with Flow Controller MODEL 2503F SERIES

Flow Meter with Flow Controller (Not Subject to Load Pressure Change) MODEL 2503F SERIES The constant flow valve Model 2203 that permits constant flow and the precision flow meter RK1400 are combined in this flow meter to permit high-precision measurement and control of a wide flow range, from very small flow to medium flow, when… Read More

Mass Flow Controller/Meter Power Units MODEL PSK-FB SERIES

Mass Flow Controller/Meter Power Units (for Integration into Customer’s Equipment Panel)MODEL PSK-FB SERIES  These DC power units can be commonly used for mass flow controller and meters. The 1FB, 3FB and 6FB types can supply power to 1, 3 and 6 lines (units) of mass flow controllers/meters, respectively. A Dsub connector allows quick connection to… Read More

Kofloc Flowmeter With Precision Needle Valve Model RK1250 Series

Flowmeter with Precision Needle Valve ( for Accurate Flow  Control) MODEL RK1250 SERIES Model RK1250 Series Flowmeter is a completely renewed model of existing KOFLOC RK1200,designed as a flowmeter that can be integrated into the customer’s equipment.A happy combination of a grade high precision float type flowmeter with a needle valve capable of very accurate… Read More

Flow Control Valve Kofloc

A flow control valve controls the flow rate based on the change of resistance of the flow channel using a needle to adjust the opening of the flow channel that functions as a small orifice. Flow control valves come in a simply type, precision type, and bellows type. Use an appropriate type according to the… Read More