Greyline DFS 5.1 Clamp On Flow Meter With Swicth Control

Greyline Flow Meter Ultrasonic Flow Meter Doppler Flow Meter Switch Control Adjustable ON/OFF Set-Points 5 amp DPDT Control Relay Flow Control from the Outside of Metal or Plastic Pipes Adjustable Time Delay Hi or Lo Flow Alarm Mode Flow Rate LED bargraph Relay Status LED The DFS 5.1 is Flow Switch With Non-Contacting Sensor,Control Flow from outside a pipe. Recommended for “difficult liquids” including wastewater, cooling water, slurries, sludge, chemicals, viscous liquids and abrasives. The Greyline DFS 5.1 is ideal for pump protection or to activate flow/no-flow alarms. Control relay…

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Kofloc Flow Meter with Flow Controller MODEL 2503F SERIES

Flow Meter with Flow Controller (Not Subject to Load Pressure Change) MODEL 2503F SERIES The constant flow valve Model 2203 that permits constant flow and the precision flow meter RK1400 are combined in this flow meter to permit high-precision measurement and control of a wide flow range, from very small flow to medium flow, when the pressure on the load side (outlet side) changes. Features 1.This flow meter ensures constant flow under constant pressure on its inlet side even if the load pressure loss on the outlet side changes. 2.The…

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Mass Flow Controller/Meter Power Units MODEL PSK-FB SERIES

Mass Flow Controller/Meter Power Units (for Integration into Customer’s Equipment Panel)MODEL PSK-FB SERIES  These DC power units can be commonly used for mass flow controller and meters. The 1FB, 3FB and 6FB types can supply power to 1, 3 and 6 lines (units) of mass flow controllers/meters, respectively. A Dsub connector allows quick connection to the unit to which power is to be supplied without time-consuming wiring job, also making signal exchange easier. Standard Spesifications : 1. Application (Power supply for) PSK-1FB  : 1 unit  PSK-3FB :  3 units SK-6FB…

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