Stainless Steel flow Meter

Flow meter stainless stell biasanya diaplikasikan di jenis fluida yang mempunyai sifat korosif atau untuk food grade seperti minuman, susu, chemical, beer, air gula, syrup, air minum danlainya

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Stainless Steel Turbine Flow Meter

F2 Series Satainless steel Turbine Flow Meter The FLSTRONIC Stainless Steel Meters have a variety of material, fitting size and flow range. F2 Series provide high accuracy & repeatability, lower costs, compact design and every saving. Applications include most of chemicals Ammonium, Plating Solutions and Fuel products. PRODUCT FEATURES Measurement for Chemical Industries. High accuracy & repeatability Easy to read LCD Back-light. Specific Gravity Compensation Display: 2 Total (1 Resettable, 1 Cumulative Flow Rate), Factory Calibration in gallons and liter. 2 User Calibrations. Compact & Light weight Battery life: 4-5 years

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