How to Choose a Flow Meter

flow meter divided into water meter, fuel meter, solar meter, flow meter air, mud, flange, etc. Based on its installation flow meters are divided into: clamp on, portable, inline,

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CS VA 550 / VA 570 Explosive Area

CS Instrument Thermal Mass Flow Meter In line Flow Meter Insertion Flow Meter Model VA 550/ VA 570   The new flow meters VA 550/ 570 work according to the calorimetric measuring principle. Therefore an additional temperature and pressure compensation is not necessary. Due to its robust design, the aluminum die cast housing, the robust sensor tip made from stainless steel 1,4571, the new VA 550/ 570 are suitable for demanding industrial applications. An ATEX version is available for applications in explosive areas. For flow measurement e. g. of natural…

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RMG USZ 08 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

RMG Ultrasonic Flow Meter Gas Flow Meter In line ultrasonic Flow Meter Model USZ 08 USZ 08 Ultrasonic Gas Meters are designated for measuring and calculation of the volume and flow rate of natural gas, petroleum gas, propane, butane, and other gases at operating conditions. The operating principal of the meters is based on measurement of the difference between the time of transmission of ultrasonic pulses along and against the gas flow. The time difference, as measured, proportionate to the flow speed is converted into the flow rate value. USZ…

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