Belt Sway Switch Matsushima
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Matsushima – Belt Sway Switch

Misalignment Belt Detection The Belt Sway Switch functions in two ways; detecting  an deviation or sway in the conveyor belt and providing an alarm and sending out signal to stop the conveyor. Use of the switch in material transport system can prevent damage to the conveyor belt and / or drive system and avoid consequential confusion on transport lines in […]

Allen Bradley 440G TLS-GD2 Guard Locking Switches
Electrical Parts

Guard Locking Switches Allen Bradley

jenis sakelar interlock yang dioperasikan dengan mode positif (TSL GD2) dan memiliki sensor pintu RFID yang dikodekan secara unik dengan teknologi pengindraan posisi pintu induktif (TSL-Z GD2).

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optic sensor

Industrial sensor wenglor

Wenglor Product Sensor offering Photoelectronic and Inductive Sensors include Ultrasonic Sensors, Fluid Sensors, Vision Systems, Barcode, and 2D/3D Code Scanners, as well as Safety Technology

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safety device

Euchner Safety Device

EUCHNER is one of the world’s leading companies in the area of industrial safety engineering. With products from the three divisions Automation, Safety, and ManMachine, EUCHNER has made a major contribution to its customers’ business success. Flat communications structures make it possible to take decisions near the market and to react to market changes fast and flexibly. New products are […]