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proximity switches

KEPmeter Inductive Proximity Sensors D Series

The D Series comes in three sizes, all in the easy flush mount type.Both NPN (sinking) or PNP (sourcing) types are available.They sense any conductive metal surface within range of their sensing coils

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Copal Potentiometers For Sensor

Copal potentiometers are used in various industrial equipment (industrial robots, injection molding machines, transportation equipment, others for positioning and angle sensors

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Push button

Copal Illuminated Pushbutton Switches

 Illuminated Pushbutton Switches Products Copal TM/TR Illuminated pushbutton switch  – Ultra-Miniature Pushbutton Switches, Copal CFPB, Copal LTM3, Copal TM, Illuminated pushbutton switch

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Patlite Revolving Warning Light

PATLITE is a leading provider of innovative LED status indicating lights, sound alarms, visual and Revolving Warning Light, Warning Light, LED Signal Light